We can teach you everything you need to know in order to compete, from what type of suits to wear, right make-up and tanning/color tips, to posing lessons. Moxie Elite offers full pre-contest training and nutrition services as well as off-season game plans to keep you on track, and get you to where you need to be to dominate the next season. Only a small group of clients are accepted, so book your packages before the show season begins.

Nutrition Plan and Analysis

TAKE THE GUESSWORK OUT OF YOUR PREP AND ENJOY THE PROCESS...We will design an easy to follow, pre or post contest nutrition plan to suit you and your specific goals. Every body is different, so no two plans are the same!

Online Training
Online training includes an initial nutrition and training assessment.  We will track your progress on a weekly basis through email and phone consultations (as needed). Both nutrition and training programs will be updated as needed. We tell you what to do and you simply follow my directions.

Stop the guess work, and contact us today! Each person receives a free Training and Diet Journal which can be used to track your daily workouts and meals.  Help yourself stay on track and watch your progress in action! 

Training Plan
We will design a customized, workout plan suited to your needs, and goals. Whether you need to bring up your delts and improve your V-taper, shrink your legs, or build out your glutes, we can help!

Posing and Presentation
Posing sessions are one hour and can be held one-on- one or as a group. Without proper posing technique, you may just cost yourself a placing or two... proper posing and presentation helps with the overall polished look on stage. Plus, rules tend to change and you should be kept up to speed on those changes.